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Look as Healthy as You Feel with Preventive Care and MedSpa Treatments

Primary health care covers a wide variety of issues, and not every patient has the same concerns. For some, it could be fertility-related issues while others who are older may not have those concerns. Throughout a woman's life, preventive care remains important.  At New South Family Medicine and MedSpa, we offer a full spectrum of gynecologic care, including pap smears, breast exams, referrals for mammograms, and contraceptive counseling including IUD insertion and removal.

With all of this focus on functional health, it can be easy for some to overlook the importance of mental health and prevention. Here at New South Family Medicine in Fort Mill, SC, we know that a good outlook on a preventive lifestyle is essential for good physical and mental health outcomes. We offer a wide selection of services to address this part of your overall health.

We offer many beauty and wellness treatments at our MedSpa, and membership is not required to gain access to them. Try a Skinwave HydraFacial for a relaxing, deep cleansing treatment. These facials use skin-revitalizing solutions and hydrogen therapy that include alpha hydroxy acid, hyaluronic acid, beta hydroxy acid, and hydrogen water. The solutions are infused deeply into the skin while gentle extractions remove hidden impurities. 

Other popular medspa treatments include; Facials, laser skin resurfacing, dermaplaning, micro-needling, chemical peels, Botox, Dysport, Dermal Fillers, and other skincare procedures for long-lasting results. 

Whether you're looking for direct primary health care, MedSpa treatments, or you want to try one of our advanced laser sessions for skin resurfacing, you should consider making an appointment with us today.

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