It comes as no surprise that our philosophy puts your skin first.

Regular peels, dermaplaning, and facials can help increase the longevity of your injections and the efficacy of your products.


We offer a wide selection of safe and effective treatments to help reveal and sustain your skin’s natural glow.



Dermaplaning is a physical form of exfoliation which sloughs off dead skin cells on the surface and as an added bonus also removes most of the surface “peach fuzz”. 

Dermaplaning + Customized ZO Facial

Dermaplaning can enhance the effectiveness of your facial treatment, leaving your skin smoother and more glowing than a traditional facial alone. 

Dermaplaning + Express ZO Facial

Dermaplaning can enhance the effectiveness of your facial treatment, leaving your skin smooth and glowing.

Customized ZO Facial

Customized for every individual's skin type using Dr. Zein Obagi ZO Skin Health products. Includes cleansing, steam, aromatherapy towels, exfoliation, face and scalp massage, extractions, mask, and hot stone shoulder and neck massage. 

Express ZO Facial

Complexion refresher for people on the go and includes minor extractions. Spare a few minutes and get that instant glow. Also great for teens.

Did you know our MedSpa offers

We create customized treatment plans for each patient. It all starts with a meet and greet to understand your goals and desired outcomes

Beauty Salon



Derma-Peel is our signature aesthetic treatment, which combines chemical and physical exfoliation. A Derma-Peel can be tailored for any skin type and sensitivity. Regular treatments improve overall texture and tone leaving the skin smoother and brighter. 

ZO Stimulator Peel (Mild Flaking)

The ZO Stimulator Peel is the perfect “lunchtime” peel with no downtime and can be used in the Derma-Peel. This peel is made up of a combination of lactic, citric, and salicylic acid plus potent concentrations of other active ingredients to exfoliate the skin while stimulating the growth of collagen and elastin. 

INVISA Peel (Mild, No peeling)

A no-downtime treatment for all skin types, even sensitive and weak skin and can be used in the Derma-Peel. This formulation uses an enzymatic process to renew the epidermis, leaving skin noticeably smoother, firmer, and brighter.

The Perfect Peel (Painless, Powerful)

Powerful ingredients that deliver results after one treatment. Powerful ingredients include TCA, Kojic Acid, Retinoic Acid, Salicylic Acid, Phenol, Vitamin C, and anti-oxidant Glutathione. This peel delivers real results for All Skin Types and Ethnicities. 

Rejuvapen NXT Microneedling

Rejuvapen is a medical-grade, state-of-the-art precision micro-needling device. It helps your skin become firmer and regain its elasticity. Fine lines and wrinkles are visibly reduced, pores become finer, circulation is stimulated, and the overall condition of your skin improves. Don't forget to check out our VIRTUE RF Microneedling treatments using radio frequency.

Dermaplaning + Microneedling

Dermaplaning and Microneedling with the Rejuvapen are effective stand-alone treatments but combined they can produce optimal results.