Painless Laser Hair Removal



  • Painless Hair Removal

  • Pigmented Lesions



Absolutely No Pain. Fewer Treatments are Needed. More Permanent Hair Loss.

Quick. Affordable. Treats Sun Damage.

With Motus painless laser hair removal in Fort Mill, SC our aesthetic team at New South Family Medicine and MedSpa can help you free yourself from ingrown hairs, razor bumps, and the general inconvenience of unwanted hair.

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Is a Motus AZ treatment right for me?

One of the breakthrough benefits of Motus AZ is that it is safe and effective for light to dark skin types. Whether you have fine, light hair or a darker skin tone, the Motus AZ can be used to target and permanently remove unwanted hair. The Motus AZ may also be used with tanned skin however, it is always recommended that you talk with your physician about your specific skin conditions before treatment.

What makes Motus AZ different from other lasers for hair removal?

The three main differences between the Motus AZ and other technologies for laser hair removal are

  1. Total comfort

  2. Speed and effectiveness of the treatment

  3. Used on all skin–types

Will my treatment hurt?


One of the major benefits of Motus AZ is that the Moveo technology eliminates the discomfort of typical laser hair removal. Most people only feel a warming sensation making the experience a highly comfortable one.

Is laser hair removal permanent?

Laser hair removal isn’t always permanent, but it will help effectively delay hair growth for a long  period of time. To initially remove your hair, you will need multiple laser treatments to get the full effect, but you may need more treatments for maintenance. Generally, you may need maintenance sessions 2-3 times per year to destroy newly developed follicles and keep the area hairless.

What to expect during your Motus AZ treatment

We will consult with you before you have your treatment. We will cleanse the skin and prep it with aloe vera gel, this may feel slightly cold. The handpiece softly glides across the skin targeting the hair to be removed causing no discomfort. Treatment time will vary, depending on the location and the number of areas being treated. Sit back, relax, and trust our experienced team.

How can I best prepare for a laser hair removal session?

You must avoid plucking, waxing, or bleaching the hair that will be treated for six weeks before the procedure. It is important to preserve the root and the pigment of the hair, so your laser hair removal treatment is successful. You need to shave the treated area the day or night before your appointment.

Avoid having excessive sun exposure before your appointment as burnt skin can’t be treated and do not have any self-tanner on the treatment area. Wear comfortable clothing, depending on the area you are removing hair from.


You may notice some slight red bumps immediately after the treatment, this will disappear after 1-2 days. You might also notice redness and minor swelling, but this will also go within the first day. After the laser hair removal treatment, it is recommended to moisturize and keep the skin hydrated and clean. Do not wear makeup on the area for the first three days. When you start to wear makeup, be delicate and do not rub excessively as this can increase the chance of hyperpigmentation.

After the treatment. you should not rub or scratch at the treated area. You should avoid using hot water for the first 24 hours and avoid swimming, strenuous exercise or engaging in sport for the first 48 following treatment.

Do not shave the area for the first 3 days. If you have had the laser hair removal treatment under your arm, avoid deodorant for the first three days and use a light powder instead. When showering, always rinse gently with cool or tepid water and gently pat the area dry and don’t rub it.

Apply a high-protection sunscreen to the area for 4-6 weeks after treatment. Avoid exposure to direct sunlight or sunlamp. We will recommend the proper aftercare before your procedure, ensuring your hair is removed in the safest way.

My practitioner recommended Motus AZ but not for hair removal.

While hair removal with Motus AZ is the most common, the technology is highly effective for treating benign pigmented lesions. The built-in Moveo technology ensures 100% energy transmission to reduce lesions in any skin type without discomfort and side–effects.

What is hyperpigmentation?

The upper layers of the skin contain pigment cells called melanocytes. They produce pigment called melanin that is then distributed evenly throughout the epidermis to give the natural colouration of the skin. In response to trauma, inflammation, sun exposure, hormones and as a result of genetics, pigment can be over-produced and form ‘clumps’ that look like areas of darker discoloration or ‘hyperpigmentation’. There are a number of different types of hyperpigmentation; common types include: freckles, post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation, and sun damage. If you have melasma, we will discuss an alternative treatment program.