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New South Family Medicine and MedSpa
Direct Primary Care vs. C

Health Care

Dr. Jessica Mendelsohn opened New South Family Medicine and MedSpa so she could provide Direct Primary Care, also known as DPC, without the interference of a "middle man." In other words, we do not bill/accept insurance for our services, which allows for transparent and affordable costs. Therefore, we can provide personalized, convenient, and exceptional healthcare.

Direct Primary Care is an increasingly popular model of care that puts the relationship between the doctor and the patient first while minimizing costs and restrictions that often burden traditional practices that take insurance. In this model, fees at New South Family Medicine and MedSpa are paid directly to your doctor on a monthly, quarterly, or annual basis, and there are no hidden fees or complex invoices.

While most Family Physicians have a patient panel of 2,500 to 4,000, DPC physicians usually keep their numbers in the hundreds. This means at New South Family Medicine and MedSpa you will experience more relaxed visits without feeling rushed, easier access to appointments and refills, and a doctor who calls you back personally when you have a question. Imagine a doctor who has time to focus on YOU, not on paperwork and billing. 

Now enrolling patients with Dr. David Mendelsohn and Kelsey Septimio, PA-C


Membership Fee:  

In both direct primary care and concierge medicine, there is an enrollment fee. In Direct Primary Care, this is a one-time administrative fee, usually between $75-$300.  In a concierge model, this is generally over $1000 and can be paid annually.  In Direct Primary Care, members usually pay a monthly fee to include all of their visits through out the course of the year. Concierge practice visits are usually billed through insurance, therefore subject to market prices. At New South Family Medicine and MedSpa, having a Direct Primary Care model, there is no Health Insurance, service fees, or third-party billing.



What the Membership Fee Covers:  

In concierge medicine, the annual fee covers enrollment at the practice. Sometimes a comprehensive physical is a routine yearly benefit. Physical exam screening tests that go beyond what traditional insurance or a government program would support, may be paid out of pocket by patients. In contrast, the Direct Primary Care membership fee generally covers all patient visits throughout the year. Most Direct Primary Care physicians include an annual physical as part of the membership fee.




Concierge medicine membership fees tend to be higher than Direct Primary Care membership fees. Direct Primary Care membership fees are usually priced on a sliding scale, where younger patients pay less than older patients (assuming more complex). Sometimes family rates are available. The Direct Primary Care physicians at New South Family Medicine and MedSpa have secured low rates for labs and medications, passing the wholesale prices to patients. In concierge, these are typically billed through insurance, so rates are comparable to market prices.


Third-Party Payers:

Most traditional concierge medicine physicians continue to accept insurance plans and government programs, and patient visits are billed in the traditional manner in addition to their membership fees. In DPC, the doctor does not accept third-party reimbursements. The membership fees paid by the patient cover all office visits for the duration of the membership.

Included in your


Annual Physical Exam, including well GYN and labs:

We will provide a yearly physical and wellness exam with your membership at New South Family Medicine and MedSpa. Your basic lab work for this visit will include a complete blood count, comprehensive metabolic testing (liver, kidney tests, blood sugar), fasting cholesterol, and thyroid testing. The total cost to you for these labs is less than $20.00.

We will discuss all of the appropriate screening tests for your age and will refer to this testing when appropriate. For women, your pelvic exam is included if appropriate, based on screening guidelines. If a Pap test is indicated, it will be sent to the pathologist to be read at a discounted rate.

A pediatric well check will also be included in your child’s membership at New South Family Medicine and MedSpa. We are not able to offer immunizations at this time and will help arrange this for you. Please note, that we follow the American Academy of Pediatrics and Family Medicine guidelines for ALL pediatric and adult immunization recommendations and schedules.

Extended, relaxed visits:

Time For You

We schedule patients every 30-60 minutes. This will give us the time necessary to address all of your concerns at each visit. We will do our best to accommodate same-day or next-day visits when possible! We want to be available to you when you need us.

Up-to-date telecommunications:

At New South Family Medicine and MedSpa we will be available to you via visit, phone, text, email, and Zoom. Many common medical issues can be handled via telecommunications – when this is appropriate, we can save you a visit. After business hours, phone calls should be limited to URGENT needs. We may be with our loved ones, at a T ball game, jogging, or sleeping. Don’t hesitate to send that email or text when you need to though! Refill requests, lab results, and non-urgent questions will be returned early on the next business day.

Access to in-house wholesale medications:

Our practice will stock many common medications at New South Family Medicine and MedSpa. This may save you a visit to the pharmacy. If it’s not at the office, we can potentially order for wholesale prices that can save you tons of money! For example, we can supply 90 days of a common blood pressure medication for $2.00!! We will pass all of our medication savings on to you.

Significantly discounted labs/imaging:

New South Family Medicine and MedSpa has vendors that discount medication prices, we also have teamed up with LabCorp for heavily discounted lab prices. Bloodwork will be drawn at their outpatient sites – this can be billed to your insurance as usual or you can take advantage of the discounted cash pricing available through our office. Totally up to you. We are working on discounted imaging prices – stay tuned.

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