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Employee Healthcare 

Employee healthcare like Direct Primary Care shows your employees that you value them.
Help your business thrive when you offer employee healthcare.

Business Membership Fees include ALL visits, with NO copays, ever.

Medical Care
Video Health Call
  • Almost all insurance claims are primary care related. At New South Family Medicine and MedSpa, DPC employee healthcare can reduce healthcare spending and lost wages by providing high-quality primary care to your employees and reducing time away from the office while employees are waiting to be seen.

  • As the employer, you are billed monthly for each employee, employee spouse, or child age 5 years or older. You can cover employee healthcare anywhere from 0-100% of this amount. You can use payroll deductions, allowing your employee to contribute as much or as little as you decide. Each employee will need to put a method of payment on file for medications and labs when they enroll at New South Family Medicine and MedSpa. 

  • Having a healthy workforce facilitates employee hiring and retention. We can see your employees in our office and via video or phone. The waiting room is never full and the wait time is minimal.  Employees are in and out then back to work. 

Insurance plans built around direct primary care can protect against catastrophic problems while Direct Primary Care takes care of employee healthcare needs. The providers at New South Family Medicine and MedSpa will keep them healthy and happy with their benefits, which makes your insurance options more affordable. With the ever-increasing cost of health insurance, you might wonder if DPC employee healthcare is worth the extra expense. The short answer is yes, for two reasons:
At the end of the day, a healthy employee is a happy and productive employee. Whether part-time or full-time, your team spends a large portion of their lives with you. When choosing whom they want to spend that time with every day, make sure your company stands out with a competitive edge like direct primary care for employers. 
Offering access to employee healthcare like DPC shows your employees that you value them. This can support a positive company culture that will help your business thrive when you offer employee healthcare.

Our employee healthcare is offered whether a patient is insured or not. If necessary, we can connect you to insurance representatives that can provide plans suitable to their family’s needs in addition to the low-cost, high-quality, personalized primary care provided by Kelsey Riggs, PA-C, and Dr. Mendelsohn.
Whether your business is currently offering health insurance or working under a self-insured model, offering direct primary care membership to your employees can produce significant benefits. For a small business or organization, dealing directly with a direct primary care provider will mean that you can find healthcare solutions that truly work for you and your employees.​

We respect and understand the challenges associated with owning a small business!

Employee Healthcare should always be affordable because we know that having healthy employees benefits everyone.

  • Office visits throughout the year, no extra copays, no deductibles.

  • Extensive access to your Board-Certified PA-C and physician via office and video visits, phone, texts, emails, and Zoom on the same day, and next-day visits.

  • Wholesale medication pricing.

  • Wholesale, low-cost lab pricing with LabCorp.

  • In-House procedures for $20 – this includes ALL laceration repairs, biopsies, lesion removal, IUDs, and cryotherapy  (does not include pathology, but also a low cost).

  • All preventive care includes a yearly physical exam.

  • We will work with our colleagues to negotiate lower-cost screening procedures and specialist care when necessary.

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Kelsey Riggs, PA-C discussing Direct Primary Care for your business

This is precisely how employee healthcare is supposed to work (but doesn’t). With Direct Primary Care, your physician is able to spend significantly more time with patients at no additional cost.  Instead of avoiding the doctor until things get out of control, expensive, and challenging to manage, employees have access to a personal physician as if they are a part of their immediate family caring for their health.

Are you ready to break free of the conventional model and bring DPC to your small business? 

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