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Companies across various industries are recognizing the value of implementing the direct primary care (DPC) model as a means to provide employee healthcare services. This approach, characterized by its streamlined and efficient nature, offers precise methods for controlling costs while simultaneously enhancing the quality of medical care provided - and all without the burden of copays or deductibles. Although the advantages of the DPC model for employers are numerous, it is worthwhile to delve into a few key benefits that highlight its appeal and efficacy.

By offering a DPC membership, companies, regardless of their size, can enhance their benefits packages and assist small companies in providing affordable employee healthcare benefits. This is applicable to both current and prospective employees. Including a DPC membership in employee benefits enables companies to establish a comprehensive benefits package, while also providing employees with a high level of care that fosters a sense of security. In addition, such membership acts as a magnet for talented professionals who seek similar healthcare options.

Insurance plans that are based on direct primary care can offer protection against catastrophic problems while ensuring that the healthcare needs of employees are taken care of. At New South Family Medicine and MedSpa, our dedicated providers strive to keep individuals healthy and content with their benefits. This not only enhances their well-being but also makes your insurance options more affordable. With the rising cost of health insurance, one might question whether DPC employee healthcare is worth the additional expense. The answer, in short, is yes, and there are two key reasons for this.

  • Insurance plans with direct primary care protect against health problems, support employee healthcare needs, and make insurance options cost-effective at New South Family Medicine and MedSpa.

  • Our comprehensive employee healthcare services are accessible to all, regardless of insurance coverage. In addition, we can assist you in finding suitable insurance plans through our network of qualified representatives. Rest assured that you will benefit from affordable and top-notch personalized primary care provided by our experienced providers.

  • Whether your business offers health insurance or is self-insured, providing direct primary care memberships to employees can bring substantial benefits. Small businesses and organizations can find tailored healthcare solutions by directly engaging with a direct primary care provider.

Kelsey Riggs, PA-C discussing Direct Primary Care for your business
  • Office visits throughout the year, no extra copays, no deductibles.

  • Extensive access to your Board-Certified PA-C and physician via office and video visits, phone, texts, emails, and Zoom on the same day, and next-day visits.

  • Wholesale, low-cost lab pricing with LabCorp.

  • In-house procedures for $20 include ALL laceration repairs, biopsies, lesion removal, IUDs, and cryotherapy  (does not include pathology, but also a low cost).

  • All preventive care includes a yearly physical exam.

  • When necessary, we will work with our colleagues to negotiate lower-cost screening procedures and specialist care.

This is the way employee healthcare is meant to function, but unfortunately, it often falls short. Through Direct Primary Care, your physician can dedicate considerably more time to patients without any extra cost. Instead of waiting until things become unmanageable, expensive, and difficult to handle before visiting the doctor, employees have the opportunity to have a personal physician who treats them like a member of their own family, looking after their health. Are you prepared to break away from the traditional model and introduce DPC to your small business?

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