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What to Expect at your First MedSpa Appointment

Updated: Mar 17

The MedSpa waiting room with ZO Skin Health
The MedSpa at New South

You’ve heard social media influencers talk about it, and you’ve seen celebrities in them. MedSpa facilities are the latest favorite go-to spots for non-invasive cosmetic procedures. However, make no mistake, you can also undergo top-quality beauty treatments in a relaxing spa environment... Anyone can set up an appointment in a MedSpa!

But before you do, you should at least have a clear idea first as to what it is and what you should expect at your first MedSpa appointment.

What is a MedSpa?

Essentially, a MedSpa is an aesthetic medical center but has the ambiance of a day spa. It is run by a licensed medical physician (like Dr. Jessica Mendelsohn!) but without the feeling of a sterile, medical environment. Instead, you will feel pampered in a luxurious setting, where you can get the best in skin care treatments and technology. At New South Family Medicine and MedSpa, we have created a safe, and relaxing environment for your skin care needs while also following strict OSHA guidelines for our Direct Primary Care practice. Physicians, Physician Assistants, Nurse Practitioners, Estheticians, and Laser Technicians are providers that should be performing elective procedures at your medical spa.

Among the services you can get at a MedSpa facility include; relaxing facial treatments, chemical peels, cosmetic injections, dermal filler injections, Sculptra injections, laser skin resurfacing, laser hair removal, and micro-needling. You can also purchase medical skincare like ZO SKIN HEALTH skin care.

What to Expect

If you’re visiting a MedSpa for the first time, you have to realize that it’s not like your typical day spa where you can just show up and pick a service. The first thing you may want to do is to sit in on a consultation with the attending provider for a Meet and Greet.

Keep in mind a licensed physician is present and in charge of this medical practice. The initial consultation with your provider is for them to understand what you want to achieve with your visit, and how they can best help you achieve it. You will have a thorough discussion of what the procedure will entail, such as how long it will take, what products will be used, and pre and post-care instructions.

Depending on what procedure you end up receiving, you can set up the appointment for the same day or at a later date. If there are multiple procedures to be done, it may require several sessions and visits. This can be discussed during your initial consultation, so think about your needs and ask the right questions.

For the treatment itself, you can rest easy because they are performed by professionals--all of whom are duly licensed and certified to carry out these procedures and services. This is also why MedSpa tends to be favored by those who love a good skin treatment. Medical practitioners are in charge, and a physician is on-site where state regulations are strictly followed in the practice.

Many of the treatments available in a MedSpa deliver top-class skin care. This can boost your skin's vitality and targets the effects of aging.

At a medspa, you have more treatment options thanks to the medical professionals who work there. They can deliver the best treatments with the best equipment in the industry.

If you want to try out a MedSpa service, it’s ideal to read up on the procedure you’re interested in beforehand so that you can also be prepared to ask any questions you might have when you come in for your first consultation.


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