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Sculptra is a collagen stimulator that restores volume and smooths away wrinkles over time, with long-lasting results.

Sculptra (poly-L-lactic acid) is a great option for individuals with significant volume loss and deep facial creases. By receiving a series of injections over several months, those experiencing a loss of facial fat and skin laxity can achieve a more youthful appearance. In fact, clinical studies have shown that the results can last up to 2 years. Additionally, Sculptra can be effectively combined with laser and microneedling treatments. Rest assured, Sculptra is only performed by providers who have several years of experience using injectables like Shannon Shipe, FNP-BC at New South Family Medicine and MedSpa. 

Schedule a required MEET & GREET with Shannon Shipe, FNP-BC to see before and after photos, and to discuss your options. Ultimately, this choice will depend on your desires and preferences, as well as your health, the condition of your skin, and the results that you want to achieve.

Restore lost facial volume




Reduction of lines and wrinkles, improves scarring, and restoration of volume to face 


Results visible in four-six weeks


Required to ensure an optimal outcome


Results visible in four - six week


A collagen stimulator is injected a blunt-tipped cannula


Nasolabial folds, smile lines, marionette lines, chin , scarring and loss of volume


Sculptra involves a series of injections


Two Years


Very Minimal 

Unfortunately, your body makes less collagen as you get older. Although you will age at a different rate than other people, it’s common to lose about one percent of your collagen every year. This means that you are likely to lose twenty percent of your collagen by the time you are forty. When you are fifty, you will have lost thirty percent of your collagen.


As your collagen levels decline, the structure of your skin will become weaker, and you will develop wrinkles and lines on your face. These wrinkles will appear in areas of your face that are mobile and expressive. For example, it’s common to develop deep lines that run from your mouth to your nose.

Sculptra is a procedure in which fine particle powder, reconstituted in sterile water, is injected into the skin. Before the injections, a topical anesthetic is applied. Following the session, the patient may experience swelling for a few days. Over the course of several weeks, the body will naturally produce collagen around the fine particles. This increase in collagen helps improve the appearance of wrinkles and folds by stimulating the production of one's collagen and connective tissue.

Is Sculptra Safe?


Yes, Sculptra has a proven track record of safety and success. The FDA approved Sculptra in 2004 as a safe and effective treatment for moderate to severe facial lines and creases. 


How long do the results last?


One of the most popular features of Sculptra is its durability. While it takes 4-6 weeks to see the full results of your treatment, those improvements will last up to two years.


Are there any side effects?


Immediately following a treatment session you may experience mild redness, mild swelling, and possibly bruising. However, this rarely happens since Shannon uses a cannula to inject the product. 


Patients who undergo Sculptra treatments via cannula will find the procedure less painful, as the cannula tip is designed to push, not penetrate the skin. This allows it to nudge aside major blood vessels and arteries, decreasing the risk of puncturing them during filler application. Since only one entry point is required, the patient experiences less pain because there’s only one area of active trauma in the body that they need to recover from.


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Will my face look or feel different?


When treated with a licensed and trained injector who has the experience like our injectors at New South,  you can expect gradual, yet impressive results. No one should notice you had a treatment unless you choose to tell them. You will see gradual enhancement in the months following your procedure as collagen levels increase – almost as though time was in reverse.


Is Sculptra right for me?


Sculptra is an excellent treatment for patients who are unhappy with their aging symptoms and want to see natural, long-lasting results from their treatment. This collagen stimulator is effective on even deep facial creases. Patients need to understand that results will take a few weeks to develop.


How long will it take for me to recover?


After treatment, you should be able to resume your normal activities. There is minimal downtime afterward. Your provider will give you post-care instructions on applying ice to the treatment areas for the first few days to reduce any pain and swelling.  There may be some bruising after Sculptra injections, so plan accordingly if you have any major social or professional events. 

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