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How do you move??

Updated: May 8, 2023

Hey Fort Mill!  Let's talk about exercise!

Are you nervous to get started?  Are you worried you won’t reach your goal?  What holds you back?

Many times, when I mention the word “exercise”, patients get nervous.  DON’T!

The truth is, exercise means different things to different people.   For some, this might be going for a walk for other’s it’s a jog, or yoga, or barre, or HIIT training, or hiking, or chair aerobics, or dancing, or balance class, swimming, bike riding, golf…. And the list goes on and on…..

Lasy lifting weights

These are just a few examples of how we can MOVE our bodies.  It can be as a group or on your own.  It can be organized or chaotic (like when my husband tries to dance).

What I’m getting at is that exercise DOES NOT have to hurt.  It does not have to be intimidating.  It is whatever you can do to move your body in a meaningful way that increases your heart rate and strengthens your muscles.

If I had to list the benefits of exercise, my blog post would be infinitely long.  I frequently say to my patients that exercise is the best anti-anxiety medication, the best antidepressant, the best sleeping pill, the best weight loss pill, the best hypertension and diabetes medication, the best preventative for heart disease, the BEST EVERYTHING!

This month we are talking about prevention. How do you move?

Exercise will ALWAYS be at the top of that list of questions I will ask you about when you come to see us at New South Family Medicine.  Let’s work together to prevent chronic disease, including heart disease, obesity, diabetes, various cancers, fatty liver, arthritis, osteoporosis…and many, many more.

I love that New South Family Medicine is located in Kingsley Town Center – I am happy to join you for a class at barre3, Orange Theory or Carolina Yoga if you are worried about going on your own.  Sometimes just having the support and knowing that someone who cares about your health is there with you!

If classes aren’t your thing, join us the first Monday evening of every month at 6:00 as NSFM hosts a Walk with a Doc program ( ).  We will walk one mile around Kingsley Town Center after a short health tip from me!  Ask me any health questions during the easygoing walk with other Fort Mill friends and family!

This is about movement.  This is about community.  This is about FUN!!  Let’s move together, Fort Mill!

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