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Updated: May 22, 2023

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New South Family Medicine and MedSpa Wellness Program

Have you ever thought that our medical model should be called sick-care not healthcare? What would it look like to truly focus our efforts on #HEALTH care? The majority of chronic health conditions that we treat today are FULLY PREVENTABLE. Read that again. Genetics play a role, environmental exposures and toxins also play a role, no question. Let’s choose to focus on the things we can control! Instead of feeling discouraged by the broken medical system let’s do what we can to change the health outcomes of our local community.

You can join in a 12 week wellness program run by…. Drum roll please… Kelsey Septimio. The program will be hosted by Anne Springs Close Greenway. When you sign up for this wellness program, you will receive a one year membership to the Greenway, a great place with amazing resources for healthy living. We will meet once a week for two hours. The first hour will be a time for education and discussion. The second hour will be a time for group fitness. The program goals are to...

  1. Educate patients on the mind, body, spirit medical model and the benefits of lifestyle modifications

  2. Empower patients to take ownership of their health

  3. Create community by bringing people together with a shared goal of increasing health

  4. Positively change current health indicators such as weight blood pressure, waist circumference, and self reported health score

Please check out this program if...

  • You are a patient at New South Family Medicine and MedSpa, and a provider has suggested lifestyle changes

  • You have health goals but feel stuck or lack the proper tools and know-how

  • You feel like your mental health has struggled and want to make some changes

  • You simply love health and wellness and want to join the community on this journey

Wellness programs are a great way to take charge of your health alongside people who share the same goals. It's an ideal environment to report successes, share knowledge, and provide support!

If you'd like more information, please call us at 803-402-4410.

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