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Ultimate Duo


The deep collagen-stimulating benefits of RF Microneedling, plus the impressive superficial results of the CoolPeel treatment - it's the ultimate equation for beautiful skin!

Glow H2O


Quench, calm, and awaken your skin with the deep cleansing and hydrating of a Skinwave treatment. Kick-start your collagen to prevent and improve fine lines and wrinkles with VirtueRF Microneedling.

Clarity Trio

The Clarity Trio treatment combines the newest, more innovative aqua-facials, RF microneedling, and CO2 lasers. Skin is clearer, more even, and younger looking. This amazing combination delivers immediate and long-term results.

Are you ready to achieve younger, brighter, and healthier-looking skin?


We offer a diverse selection of treatments that reduce signs of aging. We recently introduced three new medical spa treatments at New South Family Medicine and MedSpa. By combining Virtue RF, CoolPeel, and Skinwave devices,  you will achieve optimal results without Increasing downtime. 

Today’s trend is all about pairing devices. While we LOVE the ‘Ultimate Duo’ of VirtueRF plus CoolPeel and other multi-device protocols, we also love that it only takes one device to provide amazing results!




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Friday: 8:30am - 4pm

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1365 Broadcloth St. Suite 203 

Fort Mill, SC 29715

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